Your Fun “To Do” List At Telemung When You Holiday In Banyuwangi

Telemung, a small village near Banyuwangi is a great place where the coffee plantation is a huge affair. The Civet Coffee or Kopi Luwak, the most aromatic coffee is produced here. According to Oprah Winfrey, the coffee produced in Telemung is the most expensive one due to its rich variety. If you are in the city of Banyuwangi, you shouldn’t miss out a day’s fun at Telemung and know more about the tasty flavor and aroma of the coffee produced and processed here. Let’s check out some of the fun “to-do” list at Telemung.

Coordinates: 8.1034° S, 114.2777° E

Exploring the Telemung Village

In the clean air of the mountains, exploring more of this village is definitely fun. You can meet the villagers and know how they live their life on a regular basis around their livestock, home, and gardens. Apart from producing coffee, there are many who focus on breeding Etawah Goats. The milk from Etawah goat is truly precious. Another good source of earning a livelihood is by making handmade handicrafts. A bamboo woven headpiece called Kopiah is a good example for it.

Check out the Range of Coffee Plants

Do you love strong coffee? The major production of coffee in Telemung region is Luwak Robusta coffee. It has a strong and bitter taste with a thick consistency. There are other two varieties grown in this village – Excelsa and Arabica. You may stroll around these plantations and check out the difference between these varieties of the coffee plantation.

Coffee Beans Picking

Once you know the varieties of coffee, you can go further to expand your knowledge about coffee beans picking. Which is a good coffee bean and how to pick it? There are the female as well as male farmers who dedicate each of their mornings in picking the best berries. Walk through the dense plantation of the coffee trees and take pleasure in learning.

Learn Coffee Processing

Coffee processing is an important part of the coffee production. The villagers use the traditional and manual age-old methods of processing coffee. Once picking is done, the farmers focus on washing, drying, peeling, straining, roasting, and grounding the beans. The hard work, patience, and extensive time spent on making a perfect bag of coffee is not just something you must witness but also try it yourself. Roasting the coffee beans is the most vital step which is done by fueling the stove with the woods and then placing a clay pan on the top of it to roast.

Enjoy a Perfect Cup of Coffee

When the coffee beans are grounded perfectly, learn the brewing process. Although, there are a lot of ways to make coffee, in Telemung the simple and basic touches is all that you need to enjoy the original flavor of the Luwak Coffee.

Meeting Kimmy, the Luwak

If you wish to know what the civets really look like meeting Kimmy is definitely what you will enjoy the most. The famous name Kimmy Omah Kopi is of the black pet civet. Kimmy is nurtured by the owner. They are usually the nocturnal animals who look for coffee berries at night and excrete it, the next morning.

When you visit Banyuwangi on your next trip, do not forget to enjoy Telemung. From exploring the local wonderous coffee to meeting the little star, and of course taking some rich coffee flavors back home, Telemung is a great place to be in.