Top 6 Myths about India

India, nestled away in Asia, is home to the world’s largest population and is also the dream destination for many vacation-goers and travel enthusiasts. Food, tradition, colors, Bollywood are some of the many intriguing factors of the country.

But there are also a number of myths surrounding India.

Read on to bust the Top 6 Myths about beautiful India!

Dangerous to travel


While a number of negative incidents have indeed happened in recent times in India, the country is on the whole a rather safe place to travel. Tons of solo travelers return to India time and again simply because it actually isn’t that dangerous to travel unlike how it is widely assumed. The country itself is well-connected from all directions, state-to-state with multiple airports, train and bus connections.

India is also stepping up its security levels to ensure that travelers have a safe and joyous experience in light of the recent incidents that have shaken the world. And in all true fairness, every country presents at least a tiny bit of danger and India is no exception from this!

Rude People


A popular misconception that many have is that India is filled with rude people. But the truth would undeniably be that Indians are one of the most hospitable and kind individuals, especially to tourists and new acquaintances.

It is not uncommon to be invited to a stranger’s family home for dinner just after you’ve literally met them out in a shopping mall. Hospitality is something that the locals pride themselves on, for centuries and centuries!

Unclean Environment


Yes, cleanliness has been an issue in India but a large majority of the country is actually pretty clean. It has been a growing nationwide effort to educate the masses about cleanliness and the need for it.

Also, being a top tourist destination, India is ensuring that the environment is progressively cleaned. It’s still a work-in-progress but hey, most of the country is really really clean and hygienic!

Only spicy food is available


Possibly, the biggest myth surrounding India as a country would be that there’s only spicy food available. Everyone easily and quickly assumes that Indian food is just full of spices and chili, chili and more chili.

Fortunately for non-spicy food lovers, the country is well-known for its milder food range as well and many food items even contain zero amounts of chili. Usually the South of India is associated with spicy food while the Northern side has milder tolerance for spice. But if you’re Indian, there’s no way you could live without a little bit of spice in your life!

Nobody speaks English


Many have the perception that Asians do not speak any English. However, one should know that English is actually part of the many official languages spoken in India. This is largely due to the country being a former British Colony and has continued to be used in the workforce and education system.

Also, most Indians could speak their native Indian language depending on their city, English and also at least two other Indian dialects or languages. Talk about impressive linguistic skills!

Extremely Hot Climate

monsoon-759Hot, hot and super crazy hot is definitely what defines India in Summer, as it does in many other countries around the world during this particular season. But the less known fact is that India actually has 4 seasons. From crazy heat to just non-stop pouring monsoon seasons.

The Northern regions of the country also experience a significantly cold winter, especially in the mountainous terrains.

So, India is really in a sense filled with surprises and although you may think you know what to expect, it’s always better to think again and be more informed with facts rather than popularly spread myths and false information. Travelling with an open mind and heart always makes the experience all the more sweeter and memorable!