Things to Know About Weather and Best Times to Travel to Bali

Do you research enough before planning a holiday? Weather is one of the most important things that each one of us checks out, close to the chosen dates of travel. If the chosen dates do not match the weather of the place. Bali in Indonesia is one of the most preferred places to travel in Asia. It is one of the most renowned islands of the world, mainly popular for its natural beaches. Pleasure and leisure are the two common terms that can be associated with Bali throughout the year.

Location, Weather, and Seasons

Coordinates: 8.3405° S, 115.0920° E

Bali is positioned eight degrees south of the line of Equator. So, the weather in this region is humid and warm. Bali usually has 2 major seasons – the rainy and the dry. From the month of April till September Bali has the dry season and from October to March, the rainy season continues. Although, the predictions of the weather can go wrong due to the increasing global warming. Occasionally, the dry season can also have rains and extreme heat during the rainy season. Yet, Bali is one of the most fun-filled destinations when it comes to holidays. There are several activities that you may opt, if, for any reason, the weather does not support your plans.

High Season and Low Season

If you are planning to visit Bali, knowing the high, as well as the low seasons, are the must. Indonesia has its national school holidays in the months of July and August and thus, these months are high seasons. The Christmas and New Years month of December till January is also considered the high seasons to visit Bali as the people from across the globe wishes to party hard by the beach resorts.

The low seasons are during the rainy months. It is good to travel during the rainy season as you get various offers and deals on accommodation, the crowd is less in the favorite spots like UBUD, you need not queue up in the places like Goa Gajah or the Elephant Caves, and the air is also clean. With the positive points, there are also some of the negative like consistent rains can spoil your plans, you can feel uncomfortable due to high humidity, rains call for more mosquitoes, and diving and snorkeling becomes difficult with worse visibility.

Activities During the Different Weather Conditions

During the dry weather, sunbathing in the clean beaches is the most favorite activity that people enjoy the most. Flyboarding in the clear sky, water jetpacks, white water rafting in the less current water are the ideal activities during the dry season.

During the rains, the sea becomes rough and also dirty with the debris coming up to the shore. Although some of the watersports are still safe to try it can make you little uncomfortable as the ride may not be a smooth one.

Some of the best activities during both the seasons in Bali are restaurant hopping and tasting the local delicacies by the sea, visiting artshops, boutiques and malls for superb deals or visiting the fun museums like Upside Down World, Trick Art 3D museum, and more. Experiencing underwater activities, healing your mind and soul with meditation and yoga or pampering yourself with a rejuvenating spa experience can also be some of the great things to do in this region.

While learning and checking out all the above points, it can be summed up that March to June and the month of September are the most ideal ones to visit Bali. Irrespective of the weather, Bali can always be one of the most preferred destinations all around the year.