The best Indian food in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of vibrant and bustling India. This capital city is also famed for its tantalizing food, well-loved by locals and tourists alike. Endless varieties of food, affordable and delicious. What more can one ask for?

Read on to find out which are the 5 best Indian food in Delhi that will make you salivate over and over again. Get ready to book that plane ticket to Delhi as your tummy rumbles and grumbles!

Pani Puriindian-chaat-recipe

Little cups made out of flour, fried and filled with sweet, sour and spicy sauces. These little puffs are also filled with small pieces of savory fried bits and potatoes called Chaat. All it takes it literally one big bite and then you have to brace yourself for an actual explosion of flavors your mouth!

Available at any roadside and restaurant serving street food, Pani Puri is definitely a cheap and great eat to try in Delhi.




Long-grained Basmati rice slow cooked with curry, often chicken or lamb, is widely regarded as India’s national dish. Every state in India has its own version and take on this dish that is loved dearly by millions.

Delhi is no exception from this and a plate for two only costs US$5 and is widely available throughout the city! What a steal, and a delicious one at that. Indulge in a plate for lunch, dinner or even supper.

Chapati and Dal


Made from whole wheat flour dough, Chapati is a staple in the North Indian region, especially in Delhi. It is frequently eaten alongside a delicious bowl of simmering Dal or yellow split peas.

A simple and inexpensive meal found all over the city and in every home, Chapati and Dal is a clear winner if you’re looking for one of the best Indian foods to eat while in Delhi and better still, to eat it like a local!

Kheer Rice Pudding


Got a sweet tooth or just looking to get a bite of something sweet? Look no further for Rice Pudding Kheer is here to save your day and please your taste buds. Fluffy rice grains slow cooked in whole milk, sugar and topped with almonds and cashews.

Think it’s just going to taste like any regular rice pudding? Think again. Infused with Indian saffron flavors and crushed cardamom pods, this dessert is the pride of Delhi!

 Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun literally translates to “Rose Sweet”. Although it probably has no direct link to the meaning of its name, these fried milk curd balls soaked in a sugar syrup are to die for! Melt in your mouth goodness and oh so sinful and yet so good.

Gulab Jamun is found all over Delhi. Look a stone’s throw away and you’re bound to spot someone selling these lovely little bite-sized delicacies. The good part? It’s cheap and costs barely US$1 for a plate. The bad part? You probably will not stop at just 1 piece.

Delhi being the capital of India has attracted many kinds of cuisines and people from all over the world. But the best way to enjoy Indian food in Delhi is to eat like a local. The above list is only the tip of the iceberg since there are literally throngs of many more well-loved Indian food in Delhi. Go on a food adventure in Delhi and you’d never want to stop!