The Traveler’s Guide to Nature’s Secrets: Ten Must See Places in Asia


Ever since the advent of life in the Asian continent, the land has hosted some of world’s greatest cultures, religions, and vast civilizations. The entire continent is packed with sites of such wealth and beauty. There are so many that one cannot fathom absorbing them all, even in ten lifetimes. At the same time, there are some places that give off the vibe of something akin to paradise and are a must in any serious traveler’s checklist.

Because of the great rivers and mountain ranges like the Himalayas, the entire continent can be considered nature’s molded attraction. There are still places that have not seen civilizations fall and rise, wars, plagues, destruction, and other human tragedies. These localities have remained unsoiled by man’s hands.

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Mount Everest, Himalaya

Mount Everest, Himalaya

There are wonders that will leave you speechless and teary-eyed by their staggering beauty and splendor – such is the impact of Asia’s wealth.

Miyako Island, Japan:

If you ever visit Japan, it’s important to get off the beaten track of cherry blossoms and the historical sites. Many visitors leave Japan ignorant to the loveliness of the Miyako Islands and never stumble upon the mixed culture and history of this gorgeous place.

Miyako Island

Miyako Island

Coordinates: 24.767849, 125.325156

The islands lie southwest of Okinawa on a low plateau that rests above the deep sea. The surrounding coral reefs have a long history that dates back thousands of years. The island’s legendary status in Japan is supported by its dazzling white sand beaches and remarkable reef diving points. The mainland is connected with the island via two great bridges that are a sight unto themselves. Plan your trip to Miyako Island here.

Bali Islands, Indonesia:

Nearly every tourist wants to stumble upon a place that feels like a personal slice of heaven, but few of these places remain. However, a trip to the Bali Islands shows that it is still possible.

The Bali Islands in Indonesia are such a place, with hidden locations that make you feel as if you have found an abode away from the rest of humanity. Upon discovering one of these places, you would feel like you have discovered the very ebb and flow of untouched life.

Batukaru Royal Temple, Bali

Batukaru Royal Temple, Bali

Coordinates: -8.384431, 115.186698

The local Islanders have a legend that those who leave the beauty of the Bali feel a sense of profound sadness. Such is the impact of this scenery.  Moving from north to south, Bali has active volcanoes as well as beaches covered with dark gray sand. In addition, the island has white sandy beaches with translucent waters – a perfect destination for tourists and adventurers alike. Convinced to check Bali out? Take a look at these hotel rates

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Ajanta and Ellora, India:

When you think of India, the most likely image that comes to mind is the famous Taj Mahal. The presence of this architectural wonder often distracts from other places that are equally spectacular. For any visitor to India, the splendor and history offered by the grandeur of the rock-cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora is unmatched. No wonder these monuments of architecture were designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Kailash Temple, Ellora

Kailash Temple, Ellora

Coordinates: Ajanta caves: 20.551850, 75.703198
Ellora caves: 20.026797, 75.177135

There are a total of 28-30 Ajanta caves that are spread across the area like hive cells. The caves are home to splendid works of art, many of which are hailed as pictorial masterpieces. The  Ellora caves have an assortment of rock-cut sculptures, murals of the bodhisattva, Jatakas (the stories of Buddha’s past lives), and much more. Made by devout monks that spent entire monsoons in the caves, the monuments to Buddha show another side of Indian art. The distance between Ajanta and Ellora caves is about 100km.

The caves are located in the state of Maharashtra, near Aurangabad city.

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Lake Saif–Ul-Muluk:

Despite the current intimidating conditions in the country, Pakistan is a place of magnificence. The culture is incredibly diverse and there are sights that will surely take your breath away. However, Lake Saif-Ul-Muluk is one particular place that is the stuff of fairy tales.

Very few locations anywhere in the world have such a tranquil aura or such a rich history of mesmerizing culture and tales surrounding its existence.

Lake Saif–Ul-Muluk
Lake Saif–Ul-Muluk

Address: Mansehra District, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan
Coordinates: 34.876470, 73.693641

Named after the doomed lovers, Saif and Muluk, the lake was said to be made by the impact of a giant’s foot. The locals consider the lake a mark of beauty and preservation for the rugged mountain terrain that surrounds it. Very much like the locals themselves, the lake is like a soft spot on the hardness of the valley.

The region is famous for handicrafts and handmade items. Sheep rearing is common in the valley and often, a far sheep cry can be heard, breaking the quiet serenity of the lake itself. The placid waters are known by the locals as the “calm of Muluk”.

Lake Baikal, Russia:

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Baikal lies in Southern Siberia and is one the oldest lakes known to man. In total volume, the lake is said to have more water than all the lakes of North America put together. The lake’s floating mist and semi-frozen surface presents a scene straight out of Mother Nature’s storybook.

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Coordinates: 53.651280, 108.043655

Many tourists find that it is not only the bitter cold, but also the amazing beauty that literally takes their breath away. The exquisiteness of this frozen water entity is a sight unlike any other tourist destination in the world. A nice place to spend your vacation in the surroundings of Baikal lake is the popular Listvyanka Resort.

Ta Prom, Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

Not every tourist is a fan of looking at ancient temples. Sometimes, the average vacationer is searching more for what nature has to offer. However, there are places that are both. The Ta Prom is a living commentary of the interconnected relationship of man, architecture and nature. The current ruins are from one of the most ancient temples in existence and one cannot walk out of the temple without shivers running down their spine.

Ta Prom, Angkor Wat

Ta Prom, Angkor Wat

Address: Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
Coordinates: 13.434791, 103.889286

The look and ambiance of the temple stays with a person long after they have exited the old grace of the ancient architecture. The site holds equal charm for tourists and historical site enthusiasts. Akin to the pyramids in their magnificence, a person does not need to be an archaeologist to appreciate their beauty.

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The Gobi Desert, Mongolia:

Who says a beautiful place must be composed of lots of animals or pretty flowers? Those who truly understand the power of nature value the rough terrain as well. Nowhere is this rough terrain more present than the gorgeous sand dunes of the Gobi desert, standing within sight like sculpted forms.

Sunset on an old Chinese fortress in the Gobi Desert

Sunset on an old Chinese fortress in the Gobi Desert

Coordinates: 43.7482, 111.8402

The desert is almost completely untouched by man and remains an exciting avenue for adventurous types who can withstand the sharper end of nature’s beauty.

With its miles and miles of sand, the Gobi desert is the most open and raw form of scenery in the world.

The Valley of Flowers, Chaemoli Utaranchal:

The flowers in this valley are so diverse in color it is almost as if the entire valley was fed by rainbows. Now a National Park in the west of the Himalayan mountains, the valley of flowers is like a child’s imagination. The locals of the area believe that the flowers are so colorful because they are home to thousands of fairies. Looking at the valley gorge, it is hard to disagree with them.

The Valley-of-Flowers

The Valley-of-Flowers

Address: Uttarakhand state, 246443, India
Coordinates: 30.728049, 79.605303

If a single place can change your very definition of color, the valley of flowers is certainly it.

Jiuzhaigou Valley, China:

The Jiuzhaigou Valley is a natural reserve in the province of Sichuan. Just like there is more to India than the Taj Mahal, China is much more than the Great Wall. As part of any Chinese travels, seeking out some of nature’s architecture will bring a surprising wealth of treasures.

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Address: Jiuzhaigou National Park, Aba, Sichuan Province, 623400, China
Coordinates: 33.260042, 103.918599

The valley is also called the “valley of nine villages,” partially due to the seven villages that are still inhabited. Jiuzhaigou is said to be in full allure during autumn. However, whichever season you plan to visit, the postcard quality of the images you gather will last a lifetime.

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Lena Pillars, Siberia:

Along your travels, you’ve probably seen all manner of stones, but there is one type in Siberia that you haven’t seen. The Lena Pillars appear like frozen trees and were carved by nothing more than nature. These monuments are only found in eastern Siberia and are considered as a sight to behold during sunsets and sunrises. In 2012, The Lena Pillars National Park was inscribed on the World Heritage List.

The tree-like stones are also given the name of Yakutsk. The areas surrounding this marvel are thickened by forests and completely untouched by man. The pillars stand tall and proud like old wise men deep in reflection. The serenity and rough terrain knows no equal in solitude and beauty. Interaction with these pillars tests the limitations of logic itself. In comparison to this wonder, our imaginations are inadequate and feeble. If you want to plan a river cruise you can contact a travel service in the city of Yakutsk.

Lena Pillars

Lena Pillars

Address: 7 Nikolaeva Street, Pokrovsk City, Yakutiya Republiс, 678000, Russia
Coordinates: 61.473218, 129.134375

Stunning creations of nature are like secrets for the traveler, but you must toil and labor to reach the best of them. Nature rewards the most curious of tourists with treasures of unparalleled magnificence.

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