Singapore Writers Festival


Writer’s festival in Singapore started in 1986 and was celebrated every two years. Now from 2011 onwards it is celebrated every year.

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A Brief Into the Purpose

If you are passionate about books and love attending storytelling sessions, book launches, meeting authors, literary tours and exhibitions then this is the perfect festival for you. Celebrated once a year now it is the most exciting place for spending quality time to enhance, nurture and enlighten the human mind. It is a great opportunity for kids to develop and explore their love of reading.


The theme is “Sarang”. “Sarang” is a Malay word which used to express endearment, effusive love, adoration as well as pity and bittersweet sense of lost opportunities. This festival is conducted in English, Bhasa Malay, Chinese and Tamil which are the four official languages of Malaysia.


Loved by people of Singapore who are avid readers and writers as well, this festival promotes new emerging Asian writing works to a wider public and also hosts world’s major literary talents for this festival as an inspiration to write.


It is celebrated in Singapore every year. In 2016 it is starting on 4th November and ending on 13th November. Lasting for about 10 days and being organized by the National Arts Council majority of its programs would be held mainly at The Arts House, Empress Lawn and the Asian Civilization Museum.


Events at Singapore Writers Festival

Events here are of three kinds. Free events, ticketed events and festival pass events. It is hard to get a festival pass just like that if you don’t know any of the writers or managing committee or the volunteers. But there are very few events which only allow on festival passes. Majority of festival pass events also are available on tickets. Free events don’t require any passes or tickets as such and there are also a few events which are exclusively ticketed.



Apart from book launches, author meets, exhibitions and storytelling sessions you have a golden opportunity which is the Golden-Point award.


This is national competition on poetry and short story writing in English, Bhasa Malay, Tamil and Chinese languages held there whilst this festival. Winners of this award are now well known writers. So you might as well try your luck.

How to Go?

Changi International Airport of Singapore is well connected to the rest of the rest of the world. You can take a flight from your nearest airport to Changi International Airport Singapore. Festival venues that are The Arts Home, Empress Lawn and Asian Civilization Museum are located pretty close to each other and are hardly 20 km from the Changi International Airport.


Where to Stay During Writers Festival?

Singapore is a fairly cosmopolitan area and finding a motel here is not that hard but fir sure you would want to live somewhere within 1 km to reach the festivals while enjoying a lazy walk. So we have a list of motels which would serve your purpose. Peninsula excelsior, Grand Park city hall, The Fullerton Hotel, 5footway.inn etc are within a radius of 500 m from the festival venues.

There are abundant eateries around and a few star bucks too. Bakeries are also ample so you might try them as well. Indian, Chinese, Malay restaurants are a plenty but you will definitely get your favorite food as I mentioned earlier that Singapore is a cosmopolitan city.

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Some Rules to Follow

Always carry two photocopies of your passport and permit (if required). It will be required by the motel owners and on check posts. Also for a traveler there are some weird things that you need to keep in mind. If you are homosexual make sure no one knows that. Homosexuality is regarded crime in Singapore. You might as well say that your partner is your best friend.

Don’t believe any other tourist too on revealing your personal relationship because all people want to do is get you trouble or blackmail you regarding the same using the country’s laws. Feeding leftovers to pigeons is also regarded crime in Singapore so make sure you don’t throw your litter here and there and better leave the pigeons to their own. Smoking, spitting on roads, making faces or obscene remarks and singing are not allowed in public and are punishable by prison or a huge fine.

As well make sure you flush every time you use the toilet and forget that there is a substance named “chewing gum” in your vocabulary. Last but not the least, make sure that no one except your partner can see you nude.

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