Shopping in India: What to buy in India

The land of bright colours, bright smiles, glitz and glamour – Incredible India! A great place for one to visit and importantly, a perfect place to do lots and lots of shopping. But what exactly can one buy in India?

Well, quite literally anything and everything but knowing what is best to buy makes the deal a whole lot sweeter! Also, India itself is such a big and diverse nation with many different states, each with its own vibrancy and unique character.

Here’s our list of the top things to buy in 5 states that are most popular with tourists!

Handmade Indian Slippers in Mumbai

Mumbai, or previously well-known as Bombay, is home to a whopping 12 million individuals. The state is also India’s most populated and is always bustling with crowd, both local and tourists, all through the year. The most poplar thing to buy, however, is actually a very common product, worn by everyone across the income levels.

Indian hand-made slippers! ‘Chappels’ are what these slippers are called in Mumbai and is made from leather. In a warm climate like that of India, Chappels are the best. Often Cheap, lasts long, comfortable, light-weight, made for both men and women.

Get the best deal from street-side vendors while shopping malls are sure to offer you a more luxurious selection. What more can you ask for in a footwear loved by the entire nation?maxresdefault


Traditional Sarees in Kanchipuram

Nestled away down south in Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram is home to beautifully constructed Hindu temples that are centuries old. One other famed beauty of the state is the pride of South India – Sarees. At Kanchipuram, sarees are often handcrafted and hand-woven. Such sarees from this particular state have its own special reputation amongst all other sarees in the country because of its colours, patterns, and most importantly, because it’s made out of silk!

Vibrant colours and immensely detailed designs are unique to these sarees that are loved by locals and foreigners. Hand-weaving is also a slowly dying trade in India. This makes it all the more important to get your hands on this timeless treasure and help keep the trade alive! Sarees are found in saree shops and even along the roadside.

They are usually priced from US$10 for a simple design and can even go up to US$2000 for a highly elaborate one with crystals and pure Gold thread.

kanchi saree

Darjeeling Tea

If you’re a tea lover, you most probably would have heard of the place Darjeeling and their famed teas. A mountainous region in India, harvesting arguably one of the world’s best tea leaves. Perfect chilled and lush climate for tea leaves.

The best gift to buy at Darjeeling would be clearly tea, tea and more tea. Darjeeling tea is also very expensive in other parts of the world. But while in Darjeeling, be sure to get this treasure at a much discounted local price. A tasteful souvenir to bring home from India, indeed! 


Kerala’s famous coconut oil

A coastal beauty in the South of India. Shores lined with coconut trees, boathouses and abundance of seafood. Other than buying yourself a great seafood meal and enjoying it in a unique boathouse in the Kerala rivers, pure coconut oil is an underrated but definitely must-buy product that is found everywhere, even in a tiny shop by the street!

Countless coconuts swarm the area and the locals pride themselves on having the best in the country. Costing less than US$1, Coconut oil in Kerala is used for literally anything and everything. Cooking, body, hair… everything!


Mysore Pak – Mysore’s sweet treasure

A destination that is quickly becoming popular with tourists in India. Well-known for its spicy and delicious food, this state is also home to one of the highly loved Indian desserts and sweet snacks. But the best of them all in Mysore is definitely the Mysore Pak. Sweet, decadent, creamy.

Words cannot possibly explain all the various sensations this traditional Indian dessert does to your tongue. It’s almost a crime to visit Mysore and not head back with a box or more of Mysore Pak! Found in every nook and corner of Mysore, this delicacy costs barely US$1 for a box.


With all these lovely things to buy in India, there ought to be something for everyone. A little sweet snack from one part of India, to a handwoven saree from another part of the country.

India has tons more to offer. This list is only the tip of the iceberg! Incredible India has more to offer than what you could ever imagine.