Macau – A Perfect Getaway to Hong Kong

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Are you bored and tired, and just need a place to get away from all the hassles of life for a while? Macau will be a welcome change for you! People call Macau “The Island of the Superlatives.”

A short ferry ride from Hong Kong takes you to the beautiful island of Macau. It’s a perfect tourist destination for those who want to experience “Vegas” in Asia.

Start planning your trip to Macau

Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal © by Bracketing Life

Macau has a diversified culture which includes everything from small native groups to the ultimate gambling destination. Although the Macanese make up only two percent of the population on the island, the overall culture is greatly influenced by them.

Macau includes historic museums like the Fortaleza do Monte and Macau Museum of Art, as well as world-class shopping and glamorous casinos.

 How to Get In and Around

There are several ferry boats that shuttle between Macau and Hong Kong, 24 hours a day. If you are planning an excursion from Hong Kong then this is an amazing tourist destination that you should consider visiting.

Public transportation on Macau can be a bit frustrating because they don’t have trams, subways or trains. So you have to mainly depend on buses or ferries which operate in cities like Hong Kong.

The taxis on Macau are inexpensive but the best local transport would be buses. There are free buses that are operated by the casinos throughout the city. They’re actually meant for gamblers, but they don’t check where you’re coming from or heading.

Where to Stay

4 star hotels in Macau start from around $126 per night

Some of the best hotels are in central Macau, and some of them have lower rates than in Hong Kong. You get a plethora of options to choose from. Macau has everything from luxury hotels to small, budget motels throughout the city.

Macau - Hotel Venetian © by KlausNahr

Address: Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Taipa Island, Macao SAR (Special Administrative Region), China
Coordinates: 22.147053, 113.559818

When you plan to visit Macau, make sure you know enough about it to feel comfortable and know what level service to expect.. There are many Macau hotels that offer online year-round booking as well as last minute booking for an unplanned trip.

Places to See and Casinos

Macau attracts tourists from around the world! It has huge museums, amazing places to shop till you drop, and then there are the Casinos.

Who can resist such attractions? One place I visited was the Macau Museum of Art because it provides a visual history of Macau, and the displays change frequently so there is always something new to see on every visit!

If you have an interest in the sea, you can visit the Maritime Museum which provides historical information about maritime activities in the Macau area. There is also the Wine Museum for those with an interest in wine tasting and production.

Macau Museum © by jiazi

Macau is filled with a variety of tourist attractions, including churches and temples that were been built between 1723 and 1795. Tourists are always impressed with their exquisite interiors and wonderful architecture.

Any trip to Macau is incomplete without a visit to its Casinos. This is one of the main tourist attractions, and gambling in Macau is legal too. Most of the casinos are open 24 hours a day. Some of the more popular casinos in the city are Casino Lisboa, Grandview Casino, Casa Real Casino, Jai Alai Casino, and Golden Dragon Casino.


Macau is well known as being the only city within China where gambling is legal. It is divided into two casino districts – one known as Cotai Strip and the other one is in the Islands of Taipei.

The largest casino is the Sands Macau where they have table games, video poker and slot machines. It has lots of bars and is filled with night clubs and live entertainment.

Sands Macau © by chinnian

Address: 203 Largo de Monte Carlo, Macau SAR, China
Coordinates: 22.191475, 113.55483

There are many bars in Macau, but the best are “Docas”“The Docks” on Avenida Drive or Sun Yat-Sen near the Kun Iam Statue. Karaoke is available in a majority of the bars and clubs, and while you’re here, don’t miss a visit to The Crystal Lounge on the 38th floor of the Crown Casino. The view is breath taking and the moment is priceless!


  1. Vibrant night life and legal gambling
  2. Inexpensive transport and hotels


  1. Be careful at night while walking through dark alleys
  2. Public transport can be frustrating

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