International Film Festival, Singapore


Do you like watching movies? Then I might have some good news for you. Singapore International Film Festival better known as SGIFF was started in 1987. From 1987 onwards it has been introducing international films to its folks and giving a global platform to the selected best Singapore movies.

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A Brief Into The Purpose

The motto of this festival is enhancement of south east Asian and Asian film industry. A global platform indeed it helps film makers and directors witness a wide range of works by bringing to them the international level movies and works thereby.


If you love movies and are a crazy movie buff then this is the right place for you, in fact this is your fantasy place. South east Asian countries and in fact all Asian countries do participate in it with the number of participants being over around 18000 every year.


It is a great platform for newbie film makers, directors and producers. English being the international language, almost every language movie has English subtitles. You would find local as well as people from all around the world here to attend this film festival. Singapore movie industry and all the Asian movie industries greatly benefit from this festival as this acts as a huge platform to promote a movie.

About the Events

A number of activities take place in the course of a few days starting from film screenings to master classes, fringe events, discussions and last but not the least award ceremonies. There are certain movies which are awarded on the basis of audience votes. So its nice have your opinion counted.


However the main focus is on Asian cinema. Enhancement and betterment of Asian cinema through exposure to the world class techniques and features of cinema is the goal of this festival.

Singapore International Film Festival (Sgiff) 2016

In 2016 SGIFF will start from 23rd November and will last till 4th December. Bookings for participation will start from 28th October 2016. If you want to watch a variety of movies and enjoy the very essence of them then SGIFF is the best place to be. You can watch movies that are less known and movies from different countries broaden your outlook. However the venue will be fixed soon but don’t miss out on the tickets and the festival. A good experience is worth a go.

Events 2016

Basically film screenings is liked the most but award ceremonies have altogether a different glamour in them. So you would see masses attending the award ceremonies in huge numbers. Events are namely Silver screen awards for celebrating excellence in Asian cinema, Asian feature film competition and South East Asian Short film competition.



Festival is going to be held in Marina Bay Sands, which is official sponsor of the event this year. Don’t hesitate to look at celebrities walking on the red carpet at Marina Bay!

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How To Go?

Changi international airport is the best to reach as from here there is an abundance of navigation. Buses and cabs are plenty here. From terminal 2 or 3 of Changi International airport you can walk to the train station which is connected to the rest of the Singapore city very well.

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Some Rules To Follow

Always carry two photocopies of your passport and permit (if required). It will be required by the motel owners and on check posts. Also for a traveler there are some weird things that you need to keep in mind. If you are homosexual make sure no one knows that. Homosexuality is regarded crime in Singapore. You might as well say that your partner is your best friend.

Don’t believe any other tourist too on revealing your personal relationship because all people want to do – is get you trouble or blackmail you regarding the same using the country’s laws. Feeding leftovers to pigeons is also regarded crime in Singapore so make sure you don’t throw your litter here and there and better leave the pigeons to their own. Smoking, spitting on roads, making faces or obscene remarks and singing are not allowed in public and are punishable by prison or a huge fine.

As well make sure you flush every time you use the toilet and forget that there is a substance named “chewing gum” in your vocabulary. Last but not the least, make sure that no one except your partner can see you nude.

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