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Taal volcano, Philippines

Thailand is full of amazing city life, island delights and pure, raw culture. When you have finished exploring the land of smiles it is good to know that it is also surrounded with some

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Wesak Celebration, Bangkok

A Brief Into The Purpose When It Is Celebrated Nepal India Sri Lanka Myanmar China Malaysia Vietnam Cambodia Indonesia Thailand Laos Japan Rules To Follow Wesak is an annual festival celebrated on different days by different names in the different South Asian countries(not Islamic dominated ones). The significance of

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Emeraude Junk

Halong Bay is a must-have item on anyone’s bucket list, for its magnificent beauty and slightly off-the-beaten-track charm! If you’re heading to Halong Bay and want to make the most of your trip, you

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Bangla Road in Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Southeast Asia, with its exotic fun-loving people, idyllic holiday destinations and vibrant cultures is definitely the place to get your party hat on! Whether you’re a budget traveller touring Southeast Asia for a year, someone

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Сontent Songkran (April) The Chinese New Year (January) Ati-Atihan Festival (January) Thaipusam (October) That Luang Festival (November) Loi Krathong (November) Aguman Sanduk (1st January) Tet Nguyen Dan (New Year) Boun Bang Fai Rocket Festival (May) The Phuket Vegetarian Festival (October)   Colorful, vivid, wild, vibrant, fun:

In Hanoi, wake up to the zoom of motorbikes and a quaint urban city, bustling with rich local life. Hanoi, Vietnam is located near the South China Sea, and not far from Laos; it

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Grand, spectacular, awe-inspiring, mysterious and majestic… these are just a few words that describe the grandeur and natural beauty of the Halong Bay, located in northern Vietnam, east of Hanoi. The bay is one

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Ho Chi Minh, one of the hottest tourist destinations in Vietnam, is a place with compelling history, spectacular surroundings and heavenly cuisine. This city is always on the move, so fasten your seatbelts as we

Larry's Bar in Dalat

Some say it is ‘The Paris of Vietnam’, whereas some say the name is an acronym of ‘Dat Aliis Laetitiam Aliis Temperiem (‘Giving Pleasure to Some, Freshness to Others’). Such is Da Lat, a