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November 2, 2016 • Events & Festivals ,Travel Destinations

Do you like watching movies? Then I might have some good news for you. Singapore International Film Festival better known as SGIFF was started in 1987. From 1987 onwards it has been introducing international

November 2, 2016 • Events & Festivals ,Travel Destinations

Writer’s festival in Singapore started in 1986 and was celebrated every two years. Now from 2011 onwards it is celebrated every year. Find best rate for hotels, hostels and apartments – A Brief Into the Purpose If you are

October 25, 2014 • Travel Destinations

Asia is the largest continent in the world and it hosts almost half of the whole world’s population. As expected, there are countless places to visit here ranging from natural reserves to historical landmarks

October 19, 2014 • Travel Destinations

For most people, Thailand represents the bustling capital Bangkok, cheap street food stalls and chilling on one of the magnificent beaches of its numerous islands. But there is so much more to see behind

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Singapore? Shopping paradise? East meets west? Twinkling skyscrapers? Well, the list could probably go on and on. Also known as the “Lion City”, it’s

February 15, 2013 • Beaches ,Travel Destinations
Snorkeling spot on Ko Lipe island, near Pattaya Beach

Thailand boasts a tropical climate all year round and people who want to soak up the sun travel here to head straight to Thailand’s beautiful beaches via the great number of readily available Thailand

September 7, 2012 • Events & Festivals ,Travel Destinations
Vegetarian Festival, Phuket

The secret is out about Thai cuisine and the country has quickly earned a spot as one of the top culinary travel destinations on the globe. So what better time could there be to

August 29, 2012 • Travel Destinations
The Valley-of-Flowers

Ever since the advent of life in the Asian continent, the land has hosted some of world’s greatest cultures, religions, and vast civilizations. The entire continent is packed with sites of such wealth and

August 28, 2012 • Beaches ,Travel Destinations
Jimbaran Beach

Along the warming sands, a full rainbow of colors merge delicately to perfectly match the tones in the setting sun. With the sound of the waves serving as a perfect backdrop, the wind plays

Songkran Festival on Kao San Road, Thailand

Ever stared at a colorful painting for too long? If you have than you must have realized that after a while you will start to see the splashes of colors that make up the

July 6, 2012 • Travel Destinations
Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand

Everything we all love about Southeast Asia is a direct culmination of its rich history and heritage: the ancient temples, the warm cultures, the multi-national religions, the colorfully vivid traditions and the magnificent architecture

May 22, 2012 • Travel Destinations
Emeraude Junk

Halong Bay is a must-have item on anyone’s bucket list, for its magnificent beauty and slightly off-the-beaten-track charm! If you’re heading to Halong Bay and want to make the most of your trip, you

March 21, 2012 • Travel Destinations
Southeast Asia

When it comes to exotic beauty, natural wonders, cosmopolitan lifestyle and mouthwatering cuisine, there’s just no beating Southeast Asia! Home to the largest religious monument in the world, the tallest twin towers, the best

March 4, 2012 • Travel Destinations

You are planning a trip to Thailand in the near future and now you are wondering where the best places to visit are located. Thailand has quickly become one of Asia’s most popular attractions making

March 4, 2012 • Beaches ,Travel Destinations

Visiting Phuket will be a rewarding experience no matter your age. You can admire beautiful scenery while lying down on a tropical beach and enjoy blue sea and hot sun. Phuket has become one of

March 2, 2012 • Travel Destinations

A land so beautiful, a land so vivid, a land so enchanting, that mere words cannot do it justice: this is the glory of Southeast Asia. There are many places in the world I’ve

March 2, 2012 • Travel Destinations

From the paper work, files, to the claws of tight schedules, monotony happens to be the style of my life. Sadly, life today leaves us no room to retreat to adventure let alone nature.