7 Terrific Treks in India That Even a Rookie Can Ace

People are often petrified of trekking. Walking for miles feels like a punishment for them. But, the ones who know the beauty of trekking understand the satisfaction in it.  Do you wish to try some terrific trekking trails that will leave you spellbound? The beautiful surroundings that you can witness while trekking cannot match anything else in the world. The trekking is mostly considered challenging for the ones who have never tried it but, there are several trekking trails that can even be aced by a rookie. Here are 7 such terrific treks in India that can be quite fulfilling for the beginners.

The Valley of Flowers – Uttarakhand

Coordinates: 30.7280° N, 79.6053° E

Trekking might be challenging but ultimately reaching your destination is a thoroughly pleasurable experience. Wondering why? When you have a paradise on earth to witness like the valley of flowers in the Uttarakhand in the lap of Himalayas, you have nothing more to ask for. The spectacular view at the Valley of Flowers can completely melt your tiredness and exhaustion of the trek away. The trek starts from Haridwar and takes almost 6 days to reach the enthralling point.

Chopta Tungnath – Uttarakhand

Coordinates: 30.3462° N, 79.0485° E

Usually, trekking is about exploring the magical beauty of nature but with the trek to Chopta Tungnath, you can explore your spiritual side too along with nature. Chopta Tungnath is the world’s highest temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is nearly a 5 days trek, starting from Haridwar. With hypnotic views, Chopta Tungnath is located at a place from where you can witness several peaks like Nanda Devi.

Pindari Glacier – Uttarakhand

Coordinates: 30.3031° N, 80.0060° E

Do you mind spending some extra time trekking to reach a picturesque location? Pindari Glacier can be the most interesting trek for your first sojourn. It is nearly a 7 to 8 days trek starting from Kathgodam. This is not at all a difficult trek but a long one that can test your patience passing the Khati village and almost up to Mount Changuch.

Hampta Pass – Himachal Pradesh

Coordinates: 32.2704° N, 77.3466° E

A minimum of 5 days trek starting from Manali, the Hampta Pass trek is through a beautiful route. Hampta Pass, located at 4,400 meters is a great place to start trekking for the beginners. You may relax and rest by camping at Spiti and Lahaul while passing through the Kullu Valley.

Kedarkantha – Uttarakhand

Coordinates: 31.0243° N, 78.1707° E

It is a minimum 6 days trek that starts from Dehradun. The Tons River Valley is a must-see location while huffing and puffing trek towards the Kedarkantha. You will never regret trekking to this place with stunning views from the top, it is one of the best treks that might be difficult while going up but getting down is quite gentle.

Prashar Lake – Himachal Pradesh

Coordinates: 31.7544° N, 77.1011° E

Passing through the villages and dense forests, you reach the Prashar Lake. It is surrounded by the Himalayan peaks and quite an easy trek of 2 days starting from Mandi.

Dayara Dodital – Uttarakhand

Coordinates: 30.8981° N, 78.5246° E

The Dayara Dodital trek starts from Haridwar and takes minimum 5 days to reach the destination. It is an easy trek for the beginners as the altitude is within 3890. After crossing the Darwa pass and reaching the Dayara Dodital, be sure to witness some beautiful and unique birds.

The above trekking destinations in India are some of the best ones for the beginners. Explore the beauty of nature while trekking through the picturesque routes and reaching the mesmerizing destinations.