6 Unexplored Destination in Himachal Pradesh

When someone searches for Himachal Pradesh, the results show the same old tourist destinations of Himachal – Shimla, Kullu-Manali, Dalhousie, etc. In addition to these places, there are several other destinations in Himachal Pradesh that still remains to be explored and are as gorgeous as any other prominent destination.

Do you wish to explore some untouched mystic beauties in the lap of Indian Himalayas? An expedition around some of the destinations of Himachal Pradesh can expose you to the unspoiled and pristine environment that still remains unexplored. The rugged landscapes and changing weather add a dash of charm to these beautiful and untouched places.

Himachal Pradesh Coordinates – 31.1048° N, 77.1734° E

Here are 6 Unexplored Destination in Himachal Pradesh that you may visit to rejuvenate yourself and get a new lease of life, far from the maddening city crowd.

  1. Karsog Valley

Coordinates – 31.3813° N, 77.2046° E

Famous for dense deodar and pine forests and peach and apple orchards, Karsog Valley is located in the district of Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. The scenic landscape and greenery all around make Karsog one of the ideal places that are yet to be explored. Located at a distance of 110km from Shimla, Karsog is an abode of some of the most religious temples like Kamaksha temple, the Mamleshwar Temple, and the Mahunag Temple.

April to July are the best month for visiting Karsog valley as it has a soothing summer climate during the daytime with cool nights. Karsog Valley is a treat for all the nature lovers.

  1. Malana

Coordinates: 32.0617° N, 77.2613° E

Malana lurks at the North Eastern range of Kullu. It lies completely isolated from the city life. It is considered one of the most breathtakingly beautiful villages of India. With a number of tales associated with this place, the legends of Malana speaks in great volume about Malana’s existence since ages.

This place is a home for just a few families who have stayed in Malana for a very long time. The best-kept secret of Malana is it has always drawn a number of hashish (charas) lover tourists from across the globe. This remote village strongly guards its own culture and is shadowed by the magnificent mountains of Deotibba and Chandrakhani.

  1. Kalpa

Coordinates: 31.5377° N, 78.2754° E

If you wish to witness the mesmerizing Kailash and Kinnaur ranges, Kalpa is the best place that gives you a clear view of these ranges. Kalpa has nestled on the Sutluj river banks and the valley is an overwhelming beauty. It is best known for the Chanadika Devi Temple, Reckong Peo, pine-nut forests, Himalayan trekking trails, and apple orchards.

Kalpa is a little gem that can grab your eyeballs. The best time to visit Kalpa is during the summer season that is from April to June. The winters are extremely cold with temperatures dropping to the minimum – 10 degree Celsius and therefore, not advisable for the tourists.

  1. Barot

Coordinates: 32.0410° N, 76.8402° E

A scenic unexplored destination, Barot is a remote village in the Mandi district. It is a part of UHL river valley and a diamond amidst the rough terrains. For the adventure loving tourists, Barot valley is an ideal destination.

From fishing, camping, to trekking, Barot valley offers it all. It is said to be the trekker’s paradise as it is located at an altitude of 6000 feet above the sea-level. It has average temperatures in both summer and winter so, you can visit Barot at any time.

  1. Chitkul

Coordinates: 31.3508° N, 78.4366° E

Located near the Indo-China border on the banks of Baspa river, Chitkul is famous for an ancient Buddha Temple, named Kagyupa temple. It is a remote, small, yet charming village. The journey to Chitkul is a treat for the eyes.

Chitkul is also considered the best potato growing village in the entire world. You can find the best potatoes in Chitkul. In winters, Chitkul witnesses heavy snowfall and the inhabitants move to some other region during this time of the year.

  1. Narkanda

Coordinates: 31.2578° N, 77.4602° E

Narkanda is a picturesque township with the Shivalik mountain ranges backdrop. It lies at a distance of around 65kms from Shimla. During the winters, Narkanda is a famous skiing resort.

There are many other places in Himachal that are still unexplored like Jalori Jot, Janjehli, Shoja, Gushaini, Renuka Ji, and more. When you have several other options for exploring in Himachal, why to visit just Shimla and Manali when you are in this region? Explore the unlimited options available, each and every untouched destination is a pleasure to witness.