5 Stress-Free Destinations in India for Workaholics

With the hectic schedule of the people in recent times, vacations have become very important in each of our lives. If you need another vacation to replace the first one as you are a workaholic, it is vacation wasted as you spoiled it by working even during your vacations. If you are a hyperactive person and a complete workhorse who cannot leave his duties and work pressures at the office, if you have forgotten how to balance your life, you definitely need to visit some of the destinations mentioned in this article. Life is not only about work and money; it is about balancing your life and experiencing the moments you can cherish forever. Here are 5 stress-buster destinations, so relax, switch off your gadgets and enjoy your sojourn on the less-traveled paths of India.

  1. Alchi

Coordinates: 34.2334°N 77.1625°E

On the way to the Lamayuru Monastery, a heritage site in Ladakh and also one of the oldest monasteries lays the Alchi village.  It is about 70kms from Leh and a tranquil and serene destination that can help you meet your inner peace. The Indus River adds to the beauty of this picturesque destination. The months of April to September are the best to visit Alchi.

  1. Tawang

Coordinates: 27° 35′ 4.58″ N, 91° 51′ 15.20″ E

Nestled in the beauty of the far hills, Tawang is a small and peaceful town that let you explore yourself without any disturbances. It shares its border with Bhutan and Tibet in South West and North respectively. It is a long ride on road to reach Tawang but when you are there, it is completely a different experience.

  1. Chail

Coordinates: 30.9676° N, 77.1916° E

Surrounded by the mountains and the forest of deodar and chir pine trees standing tall, Chail is one of the most beautiful places of all. It can take away all your stress and rejuvenate you completely. Located 44kms from Shimla, Chail has a royal history. It is basically a summer retreat.

  1. Kothi

Coordinates: 32.3147° N, 77.1902° E

Kothi village, a magical destination is located 15 km away from Manali and is surrounded by lush greenery all around. It offers a royal sight of the snow-covered mountains and the river Beas flowing across a maze track. Kothi is the perfect location to detach from the world and reconnect with you.

  1. Dhikala Forest Lodge

Coordinates: 29.5852° N, 78.8627° E

It is the only lodging available inside the Corbett National Park and the best one for all the wildlife lovers. Whether enjoying a safari or getting lost in the beauty of nature, putting up at the Dhikala Forest Lodge is an adventure in itself with the visit of some wild animals at times.

Take a break from your busy schedule and travel to any of the destinations above located in India, you will never be disappointed or regret ever.