10 Must Know Hong Kong Travel Tips

The spectacular island city, Hong Kong is an attractive destination for all. Hong Kong city was a British colony and the trade gateway in the mainland China. The glorious skyline of this city and the neon lights illuminating the dark streets and buildings is one of the most recognized across the globe. Are you planning a trip to Hongkong? Here are 10 must know Hongkong travel tips to ensure a smooth and memorable trip of a lifetime for your loved ones and you.

Get An Octopus Card As Soon As You Land the City

An octopus card is a convenient mode of payment. It is like a small prepaid or rechargeable debit card that may be used in every part of Hongkong by scanning it through the reader for making payments. An octopus card is used for making payments in transport systems. It is also used in the fast food outlets, cinemas, shops, supermarkets, and even to pay the hospital bills.

Enjoy the City Tour on Ding Ding

A fun, convenient, and economical mode of traveling, ding ding or the double-deck trams is a great way to go around the Hong Kong city. If you do not wish to use the ding ding as a public mode of transport, you can enjoy the sight-seeing with a tour guide describing the nooks and corner of the city by making reservations on an open-top tram.

Bargain and Shop at Citygate Outlets

Are you a brand-conscious shopper but find your favorite brands to be too pricey? You can definitely buy branded shoes, apparels, bags, shades and more at the Citygate Outlets. Here, you can find bargains and super discounts on all the international brands. Whether GUCCI, Prada, New Balance or Adidas, you do not have to break a bank anymore when you are at the Citygate Outlets.

Free Visit to Museums on Wednesdays

If you wish to save a few bucks, you can choose to visit the Museums in Hongkong city on the Wednesdays. It offers free entry to many of the Museums on Wednesdays like the Hong Kong Museum of Art boasting 15000 pieces of arts, Hong Kong Heritage Museum that highlights the blends of the west and the east, and many more.

Get a Different Experience at Stanley Ho Space Theatre

Apart from shopping and observing the beautiful city skyline, if you wish to have a completely different experience, do not forget to book your seats for a Sky Show at Stanley Ho Space Theatre. You can be immersed in a cinematic atmosphere in this special theatre and feel like a part of it. Check online for the various shows running in the theatre.

The Central-Mid-Levels Escalator

Are you traveling between Queen’s Road Central to the Conduit Road? You may take the longest covered escalator across the globe while local commuting between these two places. Do not worry if you wish to exit on any of the streets in between. You can step out and explore various art centers, shops, and restaurants on the way to Conduit road from the Queen’s Road in the Hong Kong city.

Avoid 2 Hours Long Queue of Victoria Peak Tram

You may have to stand in a line for more than 2 hours to purchase the tickets for Victoria Peak Tram which takes you to Sky Terrace 428 for a mesmerizing view of the Hong Kong city skyline. But, you can avoid the queue as peak tram is not the only way to reach the Victoria Peak. You may take a taxi which is less expensive option to reach the Victoria Peak. You may also avoid the Sky Terrace 428 ticket of $48 HKD by witnessing the equally spectacular view from The Peak Galleria, completely free.

Take the MTR

To move around freely in the Hong Kong city, the Mass Transit Railway or MTR is the best and the easiest option to understand your destination. Use the Google Maps to select your destination and the public transport you wish to travel in.  It will direct you with a detailed info on which station to get off and also the right exit from the station to your destination.

Visit Repulse Bay for Tropical Vibes

Are you missing the tropical vibes of your homeland? From the city center area, you can take a bus to the Repulse Bay for basking in the glory of the sun and swim or get a relaxing massage and shop and dine.

Hiking Dragon’s Back Tail

If you wish to hike the complete trail of 4 hours, remember to carry enough water and food You can find it nowhere, all along the trail. Although, if you just want to hike for witnessing the splendid view, just 20 minutes hike to Shek O Peninsula Vantage Point can give you the dragon’s back and Shek O Peak’s lovely view.

From the magnificent scenery, unlimited entertainment and nightlife to fabulous shopping and some of the most amazing food in the world, the city has it all. Keep the travel tips handy for a great experience in Hong Kong city.